Monday, December 10, 2007

Another Senseless Pet Project?

Well, if anyone knows me well enough or known me for a long time (Which in a sense relates how well the person in question knows me) I have knack for game creation stuff, especially in the RPG Maker series. However, I worked on a bunch of useless junk or crap which numbers can't even catch up to how much projects I started and stopped because my interest moves on to another thing (If numbers do, it's probably over 20). However, I am starting to create another project, something that will test my skills in Eventing on RPG Maker. You probably have no clue what I am saying. That is okay. You shouldn't get punished for that. It's not like I'll kill you.

I am making a project (I don't want to call it a game, maybe it's a jinx) on RPG Maker 2003. Why not XP? Because 2003 is more simplistic, while not beautiful by all means (256 Mode Colors), it can still do something. And I'm not using its spiffy battle system too. I am making my own. Complete with variable-equipped algorithms. Look for it whenever I feel like posting more about it, considering Nintendood is barking at me for not posting. >_> (He's going to comment about that and this remark than the whole article I bet, sounds hard to swallow, but nevertheless). Starrodk, over and out.

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NintenDood said...

Heh. I'm not going to say a word about that comment. Oh dang! LOL!