Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why can't I buy that program.

I am a mac, I have a ton of free mac apps. but one app, one of them that I think would be totally useful to me, happens to be 200 dollars. who do they think I am, Mr. moneybags? the app is called Merlin, I want it really badly, but the price is too high. I guess I'll have to stick with microsoft word

if you are nice and generous, my email is AL4087@gmail.com


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Starrodkirby86 said...

If you ever don't want to buy it ever consider to borrow it from a friend or (COUGHCOUGHCOUGHPIRATECOUGHCOUGHCOUGH). Ick, that was a bad cough. If Merlin is famous, those choices are possible, but they are questionable. I think maybe even illegal, but that doesn't matter. It's an I beginning on my context.