Thursday, December 6, 2007

Grand Opening

Pop out those champagne bottles. In fact, shake them before you do. And don't start yet until you read this article. Indeed, it's the opening of my (And Nintendood's, didn't forget about you, you smart numbnut) blog. Woo, a blog. Blogs are nice. They can be informational sources to people's lives. That is, if they update them. Which this will follow. Be prepared for updates and if it's accidental, a little Hindi (किन्दा लिके थिस, बुत दोन'टी वोर्री, आईटी'एस जुस्त हिन्दी!).

Now, it's time to open those bottles before they explode and cause glass fragments to break our skin. Our glorious, precious, skin. D:


NintenDood said...

Yep. You BETTER not forget me! :D
Soooo...... welcome to the blog peoples!

NintenDood said...

AGGH! My precious skin!