Thursday, December 6, 2007

Starrodk.'s Rant on MMORPGs

We all have interests in Massively Multiplayer Online Games. Yes, it is true. You cannot deny it. I have played various ones, still do in a way, even attempted to make one by all means, and I have a point to bring even if this contradicts with all other statements I may say. Though, you better be prepared for a rant that will blow you. MMORPGS are a waste of time unless under some special circumstances or conditions.

Now, when you first read the sentence, you may get mad. I mean, who could blame you? You may be a high-leveled user on WoW, or some dweller in a free MMO, whether niche or not. However, you can count how much problems it would make. Even though when you first start a creation of a character or an account you get a feeling of sensation, such as a start of something nice or socialization. Eventually, this will start to get you sucked into it for a quite long period of time. You may get frustrated with monsters, which is a definite no-no. Angriness is negative to a life span.

Another thing is that you simply sit in front of the computer screen leveling up, beating up monsters, (and if the game doesn’t even have PvP (Player versus Player) deduct one point) gaining money, buying more weapons, leveling up, beating up monsters, and repeat the process over and over again. Eventually, you’ll feel proud of this and maybe be a braggadocio. But why? What gain do you get for bragging something saying like, “Hey! I’m Level (Number higher than 50) with a/an (Item that is strong or good-looking) equipped to me! Beat that!” You might as well compare whose penis is bigger and brag about it. I mean, seriously. WHO CARES?

Then there’s another thing. Most people in an MMORPG are not exactly the smartest individuals, just simple drones like the people in Myspace, or the kinds that just only know how to play this and that on the game but have no common sense how to exit Command Prompt without using the X (By the way, to exit Command Prompt, just type exit). Lots of them don’t have a clue how to type, just look at the keyboard and go type something for hours and then boom. Lots of people promote netspeak, which is okay on MMOs evidently, but when it spreads to message boards and blogs, it turns to be something unsatisfactory, which should be used for more of a constructive purpose in my opinion. Do you want to wait hours and hours of someone typing something like “plz lol I want ur sxy wpns plz plz plz ill give u 13932993 gil”?

A bigger issue would be money. Okay, I understand you need money to gain revenue for the company, so if you’re considerate like that, then by all means spend away. But if you just want to use money up just to buy that spiffy new costume that looks awesome since it’s the new trend that’ll end in somewhat a week from now, then why are you having money in the first place? Use money responsibly, confidently, and all of that usual money choices. You will have to use the money you earn financially some time, such as buying food, enrolling in a College, and purchasing items that’ll help you. This is the real world. There’s no cushion helping you unless you’re the rich snob you are. If you’re a spender from something other than monthly fees and purchases of money, think of how much spent total. I don’t care over what time period, just something overall. If it’s over this value, you could’ve bought this instead of spend it on a measly MMO. Especially if that MMORPG is free.

I mentioned earlier in the thesis that there is the possibility an MMO couldn’t be a waste of time. Which is true, under special circumstances of course. I mean, if you work for a company that does MMOs, such as Blizzard, and get paid of course that’s not a waste of time. There are many other ways that are good reasons you are not wasting your time by playing MMOs, but they escape my mind. That doesn’t matter. Oh well.

Okay, I admit it. Yeah, I play MMOs, but not RPGs. I do not play those anymore. You can call me hypocritical, I don’t care, and I’m just pointing out some bad points that you waste. I may not even cover everything bad about it, just some. That’s lucky. Besides, the ones I play anyway are rhythmical, but that isn’t related to the main point, so I won’t be some elder and ramble some other stories that you won’t care about, just like this rant. So overall, MMORPGs can be a waste of time and money unless under special circumstances and conditions. This is the end of the rant.

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NintenDood said...

wow... you were serious when you said you would rant. LOL!