Sunday, December 9, 2007

I Am Legend

Hey guys! Sorry for no posts in a day :O. I will be doing a review of I Am Legend this weekend after I go see it (of course). There is supposedly going to be a Batman teaser trailer before the movie begins, so you know I'll be talking about that!
Peace out


Starrodkirby86 said...

I think that the reason you watched the movie was for the Batman movie. It's very blatant that way, XD. I wonder how I am Legend would do though. I am Legend, have to check to see if my local review paper got to that yet, or Entertainment Weekly. Incidentially, but unsurprisingly, all sentences in this comment start with I.

NintenDood said...

No, I REALLY want to go see I Am Legend for the movie. The Dark Knight teaser is just a little bonus dish on the Thanksgiving feast that is I Am Legend.